zondag 5 april 2020

Tomb image

Last year in september we were in  Great Britain and visited a beautiful estate "Haddon Hall".in Bakewell. It had a chapel with beautiful windows and also several graves.

I was touched by this  tomb image with  a young boy so amazingly real made out of marble.

Don't know who he was but I was impressed by the way he was lying there so peaceful, the artist made a wonderful sculpture.

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  1. Having grown up in Derbyshire I know that tomb at Haddon Hall. It is the tomb of Robert Charles John Manners, Lord Haddon, who was the son of the 8th Duke of Rutland. He was only nine years old when he died in 1894.
    Interestingly the tomb was actually sculptured by his mother, Violet Manners, Duchess of Rutland. She found great solace in her grief whilst sculpting his marble tomb, which took her 30 years to complete.

    1. Thank you very much Rosemary for your information! Loved the place very much!

  2. That is a beautiful chapel. I agree with you about the marble sculpture.

  3. It really is beautiful Marianne, lovely to read a bit more about the sculpture from Rosemary above.

  4. I read Rosemarys comment. Wow..that is amazing that his mother sculpted that.

  5. You are so right, that sculpture is beautiful and so peaceful looking. I read Rosemary's comment too. That's amazing.

  6. Wow! The tomb is amazing and so is the info.

  7. I recall seeing some amazing marble sculptures when we toured Europe many years ago.