maandag 21 december 2020

Monday Mural

 In 2014 we were strolling in a neighbourhood in Amsterdam that was a bit dilapidated and there were a lot of artists busy trying to express themselves with paint and murals.

This guy was very busy to fill this wall with colours, and he showed me how he worked.

He had a mold that he sprayed the paint through, a true painstaking work! 
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13 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, quite a job to paint all those colours through the mold. He seems to have just as much paint in his trousers :)
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.

  2. This was very well done and very tedious, too. I also liked the cute figure in the box next to his incredible art.

  3. How interesting. The end result looks pretty great. It looks like he has worked on his pants too.

  4. That must have taken a long time, quite impressive though

  5. Fascinating but I always wonder why painters get so much paint on themselves.

  6. Interesting the little techniques they use.