maandag 28 december 2020

Monday Mural

 An oldie from 2013 in the same demolition area in Amsterdam as I posted  last week, where artists could use every piece of walls for streetart. Linking to "Monday Mural".

By the way, daughter was tested negative, so no Corona!

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice find Marianne, thanks for participating in Monday Murals.
    Great news about your daughter.

  2. Nerds deserve to have their own mural.
    Good news about your daughter. I know how she feels. I went through the same experience and also came up negative.

  3. That looks like Gilda Radner's character named Judy Miller, but maybe just a coincidence. Funny mural!

    be safe... mae at

  4. So relieved to hear about your daughter. Thanks, b.

  5. Good news on the daughter. Amusing mural.

  6. Nice mural. Gato was the name of one of my cats years ago, his full name was Senior Gato. :) Glad your daughter tested negative. Be glad when we can get the vaccine.