zaterdag 19 juni 2021


 When the heat is on, it is better to cyle than to walk.

We have nice bike paths without much traffic.

We pass the  travelling around flock of sheep (the lawnmowers ) who are looking for some shadow under the trees.

And the mechanical lawnmowers are also doing there work.

We reach the dike along the  Gooi lake.

The lake is used in summer by many "pleasure boats" as we call them, people who like to sail around just for fun.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Lucky you. Bike riding is good for you. Pedal more quickly or climb a hill, and the fitness benefits only increase. You have a lot of interesting things to see on the bike paths. Enjoy!

  2. Ja fietsen is heerlijk en bij jullie is het ook mooi!

  3. What a great bike ride. Lots to see while being out in the fresh air.

  4. Riding the bike on the path must be popular with all those trees. Even the sheep need to be cool.

  5. Cycling has become very popular here but our road structure cannot easily cope with cars and bikes using the same space. I have always admired your road system which often separates the two forms of transport. I would cycle if I knew I would not encounter cars on my journey.

  6. Beautiful shots from your bike ride Marianne, thank heavens for the shade of trees 💚🌳