donderdag 6 januari 2022


Diving in the archives  of 2017I found this one of a lecture of the author  Onno Wesseling of a book about the Tango. I loved to go to those lectures and this was a special one.

This lecture was illustrated with a local Tango Dance group.

I must confess I didn't like the book very much but the dances were spectacular.


5 opmerkingen:

  1. I was never any good at dancing.

    ♪┏(°.°)┛┗(°.°)┓┗(°.°)┛┏(°.°)┓ ♪

  2. Nobody would want to see me do the tango. :)

  3. How interesting. I saw several tango dances when I visited Argentina. It's beautiful to watch.

  4. I remember a couple of times seeing the tango here.

  5. Wat een leuke lezing met zo'n mooie dans erbij.