donderdag 10 februari 2011

Daddy cool

Modern daddy's are looking after their child as the mother has to work. But to keep in shape they combine taking the baby out and have a run. This man  has his sportswear on, shoes, trousers but was only firm walking. I didn't dare to ask him have a run, would have been a better photo! 

10 opmerkingen:

  1. He is just doing it, walking. Its better than not walking. I like such a shot.

  2. Perfect title for this post! My son-in-law is one of those cool Daddies.

  3. Are you sure that he had a baby in there? He might have been smuggling his golf clubs out of the house....
    This is a smashing photo. Thanks.

    All the best, Boonie

  4. I just stumbled onto your blog. Love it!
    What an adorable cat in the sidebar!!
    My Cat, Mandu, says "Hi!"

  5. I used to do this all the time when my son was stroller little!

  6. It looks as though he is pulling the stroller rather than pushing it. That is interesting in itself.

  7. funny...
    i dont know if i read it over on some other blog or whether it is my own observation; but dads usually walk NEXT to the stroller rather than behind it. why would that be? :) (even if they are just walking and not being sporty)

  8. Boonie,
    I didn't see the baby actually, you could be right, but I didn't see golfclubs either.

    Cat, Levonne,
    I think they find it a bit dull to push the stroller. This way is more active? But my husband always pulls the dustbin (trolly) and I push it. So maybe it is a matter of man and woman manners?

  9. No golf clubs, no baby, but he is stepping quickly dragging that stroller! Nice capture... love those long shadows