vrijdag 11 februari 2011

Indian restaurant

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of my daughter with a very nice dinner in an Indian restaurant in Amsterdam. As nobody of my family wanted to appear on my blog you have to do it with this rainy photo on the street and a glimpse of the restaurant.

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  1. A great dramatic street scene. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  2. The first one is such a pretty night shot! Sounds like a wonderful evening.

  3. gefeliciteerd!
    did you ever goto the indian restaurant at the westermarkt? its called koh-i-noor and i think its absolutely the best restaurant in amsterdam! the waiters/owner are extremely nice too, not too expensive and always, always full of people because its sooooo good!! (theres also one at rokin, but the westermarkt one is nicer). one of the first restaurants we visited when we were back in the netherlands.. (the waiters have an extremely good memory too... they always remember what we prefer to drink even when not having been there for 6 months)

  4. Really cool photo! Happy Birthday to your daughter!!!


  5. CaT,
    I have been there once indeed. It is realy good, you're right. This one in the Van Woustreet I can also recommend. A lot of Indian people came to have diner, which is always a good sign I think.

  6. thanks! i will remember that for next time.. i like indian food a lot!
    i learned some indian cooking myself through this site http://www.manjulaskitchen.com/
    the lady on the site is so sweet, and she explains everything really well, so i am confident i now made some real indian dishes! (and they tasted very good... :))

  7. I love Indian food, and perhaps I will follow your recommendation one day.
    My husband came back from Amsterdam last Saturday morning. He should have been back Friday..... but it was very very windy, and delays so he lost his connecting flight, and stayed in a hotel close to the airport.
    ....... What did I ask him to buy? The dutch "Libelle" (number 6), So now you know what I will read/try to read the next few days.- Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Lots of great Indian food here in London

  9. CaT
    Thanks for the tip for the site, I made myself too at home with products from AH. I like the food very much, with a garlic nan mmmmm.

    That is a funny story, why a "Libelle"? Are you learning dutch? Succes!

  10. A lovely golden glow in your pictures!