woensdag 2 februari 2011

De Oude Kerk Amsterdam

The room in which Rembrandt married Saskia and the wedding-register on the table.

The "Old Church"  is the oldest church in Amsterdam and dates from 1300. We went there to see an exhibition of modern art of the Academy of Art, but I am always so impressed by this church that I can only look at the wooden ceiling and the very old grave stones on the floor. The wife of the painter Rembrandt, Saskia is burried there.
This time there was something special, two small  rooms were openend, I had never seen before. In one of them Rembrandt had married his Saskia and the wedding register with his signiture was laid on the table.
Can you imagine that he sat there and looked through that window.

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  1. This church is exquisite and has seen much history. How fortunate that it has been preserved over the centuries. Rembrandt and Saskia's story make it personal... your photos show the detail beautifully... so glad that you were able to see those two rooms.


  2. Beautiful details in this old church!

    I have also enjoyed looking at the photos of your BIG cat! What a face and what a character! A good cat life!:)

    Greetings from Gunn / stavangerdailyphoto.com

  3. That is fascinating! How wonderful to be able to actually be in that room. The walls and fireplace are lovely. I have only seen a few of his paintings and some of his pencil drawings in person at several museums.

  4. Beautiful! I am so happy to travel with you. Thank you for sharing!


  5. It is interesting to see and read - especially that Rembrandt has been in the room.

  6. The wood ceiling really struck me, that seems unusual (to me) in a church in Europe and it's a stunning setting. And, oh, again, the history.