zaterdag 5 maart 2011

Cobra Museum

Painting of Constant 1949

Wall paper with members of the Cobra-group

We had a coffee and lunch at the museum and is was nice to meet my former mates again.

I am a bit busy outgoing this weekend, not so much time for blogging. Today I made a trip with my former colleagues of the Public Library to the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen. It is a museum with modern art from the famous Cobra- group which was an European avant-garde movement from 1948-1951. The name was coined in 1948 by Christian Dotremont from the initials from the members' home cities Copenhagen (Co), Brussels (Br), Amsterdam (A). See for more information about Cobra in the links.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It sounds fun! The museum below is lovely too.

  2. This post makes me want to fly back to Amsterdam TOMORROW! I went by myself and stayed on my own little canal boat....had the time of my life.It is when I bought my wonderful “Amsterdam violin.” I went to concerts and the Van Gogh Museum over and over again.Actually, I went to the same concert 2 different time I sat, I think, up in the balcony in front in the audience, and the other time back behind the cello players along the aisle so overtime the conductor came in or out he walked beside me. I thought I was in heaven. I LOVED it! It is one of the most fabulous places I ever visited. Thanks for my walk down memory lane...and thanks for your giggles at my husband walking out on that old tram bridge...I kid you not, he scared me to death. Only now can I laugh as I read the comments. Happy Sunday. Genie