donderdag 31 maart 2011

The Green Cathedral

Last weekend we went biking to a landscape art project in Almere called "The Green Cathedral".
The artist "Marius Boezem" has created a cathedral formed by a group of Italian poplars. In 1987 he planted 178 poplars according to the plan of the Notre Dame of  Reims. Between the trees are the ribs of concrete paths that reflect the cross vaults. The shells circles around the trees refer to the sea around that a half century ago was. There is  more symbolism to read here

This is an bird's eye view what it looks like when the leaves are on the trees.

I must say I was rather disappointed by seeing the "Cathedral". I think it was the wrong season to have a better view than a couple of leafless trees. We have to come back in summer. But it was fun to bike 20 km in chilly, but sunny weather.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Erg mooi hoor.....
    vooral de eerste opname vind ik gaaf.
    de kleuren zijn prachtig.

    groet, Joop

  2. That is very unusual art. Growing trees. Some people are so imaginative. Gosh you must be fit and strong to ride 20k. Well done.

  3. This is beautiful land art and it will look different with every season.A great idea to plant fast growing poplars!

    Enjoy your day! Rx

  4. Oh yes--you must go back in the summer! That is so amazing.

  5. the first picture is really pretty!!
    what about the second? from where did you take that?
    i think this is very interesting art... :) and i wonder how they will analyze that in 1000 years....

  6. hm, I like the bare trees, actually. They look so stark and striking.
    Hope you're well, Bieb!

  7. CaT,
    The second is from internet, I should have mentioned it. I didn't jump from a plane.
    In the article I read that these poplars only stay about 30 years. As Almere as a newtown has no history, the artist thought I give them a history so when it is vanished they can say, do you remember there was a cathedral here once.