vrijdag 1 april 2011


Between the appartment buildings in Almere-City fields of daffodils are planted.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. What a beautiful display of spring with these intense yellow daffodils! So glad to see the green and new buds that will form.

    Loved your green cathedral post and link. You must go back when there are leaves on the trees.


  2. ooooh, pretty pretty! this is another "i miss the netherlands moment". that really reminds me of "vroeger" when we played outside and there were all those daffodils and one day i plucked (is that english?) a lot of them for my mom, but ofcourse i should actually not have done that... :)

  3. CaT,
    I remember long ago, there were daffodils on the Museumplein in Amsterdam and someone had spread the rumour that you could "pluk" them. You could see everywhere people walking with lots of daffodils in there arms. The whole field was empty in no time! So you are not so strange...