zaterdag 30 april 2011

Queensday in Amsterdam (1)

April 30 is Queensday in the Netherlands. We celebrate the birthday of  Queen Beatrix with a free day off with big parties on the streets. Everbody is allowed to sell their attic-stuff on the street, so the whole city is a big market where also children try to earn some money by selling their old toys.
We are still having summer temperatures and it was a wonderful day. The colour orange everybody is wearing is a tribute to our Royal Family who bares the name "House of Orange".

4 opmerkingen:

  1. oooohh! great pictures!! i always avoid amsterdam on queensday, i dont like such large crowds... but it looks nice!! i prefer utrecht during that day, although i already missed many Q-days....

  2. What fun. The weather looks super. A whole country attic sale, what a hoot. Wearing orange, they all look like they are supporting my football team. (which has Dutch origins)

  3. These last days a lot of glamor on your blog ! Never been to the Netherlands on Queensday. Looks like a lot of fun
    greetings from Brussels !

  4. It looks as though there are many interesting ways to spend time and money!

    Lovely weather!