vrijdag 29 april 2011

The Wedding

Did you see it? I was glued to the television and made some pictures.

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  1. noooo, i was sleeping still... :( and then getting ready for work.
    but even here the newspaper are full of it, and in several bars they are re-showing the wedding at US-time 2 o'clock... (but im at work)
    did you have the TV take those pics, or did you photograph the tv? :)
    thanks! now i least saw some of it!!

  2. I did see it! I had to get up at 4:00am but it was worth it. It was absolutely wonderful. From looking at your pictures, I think we have the same model television :)

  3. CaT,
    I did photograph the TV, had my camera on a tripod, but some images moved to much and were not sharp. The waving did not work well, in the carriage and the balcony.
    The comments here said it was a bit no emotional wedding. They never touched each other or had contact. They showed not much affection, even when they kissed they did not hold each other, only their mouths in a split second. You must remember Willem and Maxima on the balcony, that was a real kiss!

    I wanted to cut out the pictures , but my husband said no leave it that way that is nice. So now we have the same television!

  4. I did not see it "live" until they came out on the balcony but have seen many clips all day long... I thought it was sweet and classic. I loved the surprise of William driving the AM convertible. They looked like two normal people in love at that moment.

    Great TV shots!


  5. Yes we watched too. Loved all the colour, pomp and ceremony.

  6. I saw it on a show that recapped it later (too early to get up and watch it) - it made me sigh. Ahhh...