woensdag 6 april 2011

Walk to Memory Lane (continue)

 This big building was a school for  midwives education in the Camperstreet. I gave birth to my eldest daughter here in 1975. It was very old-fashioned at the time, we were laying with eight young mothers in one room. Friends who came visiting me asked why on earth I had gone to this shabby place, well it was just around the corner, we could walk when the time was there....
The entrance looked rather pretty, not so shabby yet? I don't know what is in there now. Probably a student home, when I see all the bicycles.
In this house with the white bay-window at the Ceintuurbaan we lived for seven years at the third floor, the one with the open door. Here I gave birth to my second child, a son. No midwive school anymore, I just stayed at home. It is a very noisy street with tramways and lots of traffic, not so nice for little children. Also I had to carry two children and a pram up the very high stairs, so when the youngest was two years old we moved to Almere.
Even the Ceintuurbaan has its bicycle problems nowadays.
You might remember my post about the " House with the Gnomes" at the Ceintuurbaan of october 2. I promised to come back to make a better picture. The tree is leafless now, so you can see the two gnomes throwing their ball.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. very nice!! are those gnomes always there?

  2. those gnomes are cool! :)
    i never lived in amsterdam.. i wa only born there, in het Burgerziekenhuis, that later moved to... eehmm, i think also Almere!

  3. I love seeing where you lived many years ago... It looks lovely with the big windows letting in lots of sunshine.

    Funny building with the gnomes... glad you went back for a leafless shot!


  4. Tim
    Yes they belong to the building, only in summer you can't see them at all.

    Yes you're right it moved to Almere, Almere is a "little Amsterdam", 80% of the inhabitants came from Amsterdam in the beginning, even the hospital.

    Genie, Gunn,
    Thanks for the friendly comment.

  5. Such interesting buildings and memories. Hiking up stairs with kids and a pram would have been hard work. I bet you were happy to move. It looks a nice sunny place for young couples without children.

  6. It's very interesting to see these buildings which hold your personal history.I think it was very brave of you to have your baby at at home!

    Bikes and more bikes!!!

    Enjoy your day...Rx

  7. That last picture is such a fun shot of the gnomes! I don't think that building in the first picture looks shabby at all. Thanks for sharing!