dinsdag 5 april 2011

Walk to memory lane.

On our walk through Amsterdam we decided to have a look at the places where we lived. This is my birth-home in the "2e Boerhaave street". I was born on the second floor in november 1947 which was a very cold winter. The houses had no central heating and there was ice on the windows of the bedroom my mother always told me.
The frontdoor is still the same as I remember, so nice with the little windows and the round top.
The houses didn't have a bathroom at that time and people could take a bath in a "bath-house". Ours was at the end of the street and is still there although not in use anymore. I was never in there, little children had a bath in a tub in the kitchen. But I learned to ride my bike with endless turning rounds around the building.
We had a balcony at the back of our appartment and this is me playing with my toys.
When I was six years old we moved to an other house in Amsterdam.
My father was a teacher and at the time we lived there,  he had his work in the same street right on the opposite side of our home. He could reach his school on his "slippers" as we say,  just had to cross the street.

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  1. Lovely memories! That picture of you reminds me of my little granddaughter. She has the same light blonde curly hair!

  2. What a great sharing of memories and pictures. Love it! You were a beautiful little girl! Thanks for your comment at A Camp Host's Meanderings yesterday. It made me laugh out loud! Broke back mountain! So funny!

  3. An interesting peek into history........and what a pretty little girl you were! Thanks for sharing this.

    Enjoy your day! Rx

  4. This is a nice bit of history you've shared. Born in your house, that's incredible! And how nice that your father could walk to work right across the street, sounds like a good set up.

  5. Very cute biebkriebels! I was wondering, what is your name? this is my first post on your blog.

  6. gekke tim! :)
    i like this post a lot! weird.... no shower at home..
    but so many things are only from the recent years; geld uit de muur halen, internet, mobile phones... sometimes i forget that.. :)

  7. Wat leuk om te zien
    en nu is je oudershuis een studenten woning
    denk ik hihihihi... !!!!!

    Hoe is t met je Biebkriebel
    ik heb nog veel aan jou en Pimmie gedacht....

    Knuffels van ons allemaal

  8. Tim,
    What's in a name, this is internet, but if you really want to know, Marianne, but don't tell anybody.

    Yes, much has changed, sometimes I look at photo's of Amsterdam streetviews of the fifties and it looks like I lived in an other country.

    Nee, er wonen nog gewoon gezinnen, maar met badkamer nu. We missen Pim verschrikkelijk, hij was zo aanwezig, had allemaal van die gewoontes waar je steeds tegenaan loopt, plantjes water geven, drinken uit de kraan. Het huis is echt leeg zonder hem.