donderdag 19 mei 2011

Amsterdam, city of photo's

Posted by PicasaA typical Amsterdam picture, you see three bridges, a canal-boat and a bicycle linked to the bridge.

At this exhibition in the "Amsterdam City Archives" I saw 150 beautiful photo's of the city from 1935 up to and including 2005. I love those pictures, so much memories passing by and so much changes in seventy years, its residents, workers and tourists. I think the image I made myself at the top will never change. There will always be canals and bridges, but the people are changing as the boy in his short pants at the poster, you will not see these nowadays.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Love your Amsterdam shot. It would be easy to guess which city it is. Very iconic.

  2. This is what i think of when I think about your beautiful city!

  3. Een prachtige foto ! A friend who visited Amsterdam recently took an almost identical photo and is having it produced on canvas. My son also purchased a photo like this and has it hanging in his living room.

    Beautiful, and brings back warm memories !

  4. soooo pretty. Mark and I loved our time in Amsterdam.
    I can see myself living there.