vrijdag 20 mei 2011

Bicycle boat

This is a shelter for bicycles in Amsterdam on an old ferry in the river IJ behind the Central Station.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I think in Amsterdam I could find more bycicles than people. I would get lost there.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  2. A good use for an old ferry. How do they get the ones up the top?

  3. diane b,
    You have to pull the red thing, then it comes down and you can put you bike in. It has a kind of spring-balance and it goes up again. It is not so easy as it sounds, I was glad I got some help from somebody once.

  4. I've never seen so many bicycles in one place!

  5. Yes - a typical Dutch scene - hundreds, sometimes thousands of bikes ! And always a few laying on the ground.

    I've looked at many of your recent posts - wonderful images of the Netherlands !

    Fijn weekeind !

  6. Thanks, I see now but it does look a bit tricky especially with others underneath.

  7. yes, i always think that guys should put their bikes up there.. too complicated for me.. :)
    i think in the "fietsenstalling" in Weesp, guys indeed are supposed to use the upper ones so that women can use the easier lower ones...