woensdag 4 mei 2011

Remembrance Day

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May 4 is our National Remembrance Day to honor the victims of World War II. One of them is the well known Anne Frank, the jewish girl who wrote her famous diary during her hiding in Amsterdam. This statue is situated at the "Merwede-square" where she lived before her hiding. It shows her how she left her home with lots of clothes on and a suitcase in her hand, looking back for the last time to the home where she lived at nr. 37. It is left from the doorway at the second floor.

Her home is complety restored and brought back as it was in the thirties painted with he same colours. Since 1997 it has a special destination, foreign persecuted writers can live there for a year and write in peace.
Look for a view in the house here

5 opmerkingen:

  1. It is great that her flat has been restored to its original state. her story is so interesting and sad.

  2. i like the statue, i think i never saw it before!
    and i also did not know writers can live there! is there now always someone writing?

  3. CaT,
    Yes, there have been several writers, from Algerie, Turkey (Koerdistan), Iran, Cuba and White-Russia. But after a year they have to be able to return to their country. They can't stay here.

  4. What a lovely statue of a remarkable young girl. I have always loved her book!

  5. While I was exploring in the cyberspace, I arrived this lovely blog. I read Anne Frank's diary in my adolescence, long time ago. Nice to see lovely statue of hers. Thank you for sharing.