woensdag 22 juni 2011

North Cape (1)

One of the highlights of the tour was our visit to the North Cape. We stayed in this simple hotel, what had been used as accomondation for the sporters of the Olympic Wintergames once (1994?).  It has been rebuilt here for tourists. It was terrible cold up here and we had to use the heating. What a difference with the day before.

At nine o'clock in the evening we went by touringcar through an amazing landscape with snow and mountains to nowhere land.

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We reached the most northern point of Europe the North Cape where a big hall in the rocks is built from where you have a good view over the cape. I had no intention to stay inside, out, out I wanted, but I was almost blown of my feet by a very, very ice-cold and strong wind. So I made quick some photo's and ran back to the warm hall, where I saw a film about the Midsummernight Sun. We stayed until midnight, so I had the opportunity to go out several times and I'll show you tomorrow my other outside pictures. This one is taken at ten o'clock in the evening.

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  1. Prachtige natuurfoto's en ben benieuwd wat er nog komen gaat, vooral die van Midsummernight Sun. Ik zou er ook graag een keer heen willen,
    groetjes, Ria

  2. I imagine is difficult to touch an extreme of Nature.



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  3. beautiful! yes, isnt that amazing, light the entire night?! but i would hate winter there....
    did you go there by boat, or through the tunnel? when i went there with my parents they were just finishing the tunnel, so we went by boat.

  4. Leuk om kennis te maken met dit uiterste tipje wereld