vrijdag 24 juni 2011

The Samen

The Samen who live in Lapland, the northern area's of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Sovjet Union have there own language and culture.They used to live  nomadic with their reindeers, but most of them live in cities now and show their folk costumes only for the tourists or festivities.
 Their tents (lavvo's) look like those of the American Indians.
The museum building in Karasjok is inspired by the forms of the tents.
Karasjok is the capital of the Samen and in 2000 the new Parlement building was inaugurated by King Harald of Norway. It is a beautiful building, the architects Christian Sundby and Stein Halvorsen used the way of living of the Sami as inspiration like the tentform. 
The whole building is made of wood and you could smell it inside. We could just walk inside and have a look around. No security here at a Parlementbuilding.
On our way to the North Cape I bought a warm cap at this sweet Samen woman.
in this little shop.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. the building looks nice, also with all the lights inside!
    was it very touristy, or...?

  2. CaT,
    The parcs with tents and people demonstrating lasso's are touristic yes, like Marken, but not so crowed as here. Het is wat kleinschaliger en vriendelijker allemaal.