woensdag 29 juni 2011

Terrace (1)

This is our terrace as it is now. In May we decided for a renovation and invited a guy, recommended by neighbours, to come and have a look. He didn't show up (sorry, had to look after the kids) and we made a new appointment. He left and we waited for his offer, that took quite a time, (busy, busy).
At last we got the offer and accepted and we waited for a date to start. June 8th the day we should go on our holliday (sorry, had forgot). A new date was chosen June 28th.

Yesterday at 7.30 in the morning a huge motor truck was loud roaring in front of our home with sand, later followed by a truck with stones and one with a tray. All the materials were placed behind our home. Now we were looking forward to see Danny starting his job. Telephone rang, Danny boy cancelled the job for today because it was to hot to work. I must admit we had a heat wave of 36 degrees C,( 96.8 F) and it was very, very hot. Now he will come today afternoon.......fingers crossed.

A few hours later a very unpleasent lady came at the door shouting she could not get her car out because of the sand and she would call the police! People are becoming rather mad here. Me and my husband digged some sand away for her, she was standing at the (now) empty place left. She was shouting that we took 4 parking places! with the stuff. O shame on us, the holy cow can not be parked in her backgarden now.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Doet een beetje Frans aan, die Danny die zijn afspraken niet na komt! Ik hoop echt dat hij komt vandaag en ben benieuwd hoe het wordt...
    Enig trouwens die schoenen van Keith Haring! Ben gelukkig weer wat mobieler, probeer straks buiten een rondje te lopen, niks voor mij dat binnen zitten....

  2. I hope you haven't paid this guy any money in advance! I'm in Phoenix now and the temperature yesterday was 115 degrees F. 96 here is considered balmy!

  3. What a mess! Sounds like Danny is a bit unreliable or does not need the money to do a job... I hope that he gets to work on it soon as it will be a lovely vista for the summer!


  4. Oh my goodness she didn't behave very well did she? Or him for that matter! I hope this situation improves for you. We're standing at 110 degrees right now and it's horrible.

  5. ooooohhhh... that does not sound nice. but hilarious as a story.. sorry.. :)
    i assume that the holy cow does not read your blog? ;)

    good luck with that. i soon hope to see pictures of your new nice pavement!

  6. CaT,
    She reading? Only the Story I suppose. Those are the new dutch.

  7. Work is never done quickly. Danny sounds like a reluctant worker, too?

    I'm sorry this is such an anxious project. I know the feeling. Every project is full of anxiety for the owner.

    stay cool, Bieb!