donderdag 7 juli 2011

" ArtZuid" , International Sculpture Route

Searching for Utopia by Jan Fabre
Aeroplane by Joost Conijn
The elephant by Karel Appel

During this summer there is a beautiful art exhibition in the open air in Amsterdam, visible for free for everyone. Famous works from Karel Appel, Corneille, Joan Miro, Jean Dubuffet and many others are placed in two long avenues, 58 pieces in total. It is incredible to see all this beauty not in a museum but outside. Look at their  the website for more information.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Wonderful to have such an exhibition so freely available to the public.
    I like your personal choice!

    Enjoy your day,

  2. how nice!
    too bad i cant see that...
    i like especially the first one.

  3. Oh my! Both are nice, but I love the smooth reflective surface of the turtle - wow!


  4. That's a big turtle! Interesting pieces. I like the plane.

  5. aha ! the first one by Jan Fabre is something for This is Belgium :-) ..Love Open air expo's.. I have made pictures of one called "grenzen' that I will write about soon.