vrijdag 8 juli 2011

ArtZuid again

Posted by PicasaEvery minute is special by Sylvie Fleury

Red Man by Thomas Houseago

And this is what you get with art in the open air, schoolgirls having a pause sat down on "the Happy Prince" by Ryan Gander. Maybe they were waiting for their "Prince on the white Horse"?

Once more a few sculptures of ArtZuid, there were so many of them that I hadn't see them all. So I went
back yesterday to see the rest of it.
 About the aeroplane of Joost Conijn yesterday I can tell you that he really has made a flight with it to Africa.
Look here for an interview with him (only in dutch)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. I am glad he flew to Africa on another one than the one shown above . Mooie beelden

  2. My favorite is the plane in this group... The green surroundings beautifully offset the art.


  3. really amazing! until when is it on display? tim will goto the netherlands beginning of august (and i have to stay here, buhuhuhuhuh.. :()
    i like the first one, but the second even better, because the statue and the man somehow seem similar.. :)

  4. That phrase and that first photo fixed my day: Every minute is special.

    Thank you so much


    Barcelona Daily Photo

  5. CaT,
    Het is nog tot 28 augustus op de Apollolaan en de Minervalaan. Jammer dat je niet mee kunt....

  6. I like to see how people interact with outdoor art.
    The Red Man photo is funny.

  7. bedankt! ik stuur hem erheen.. :)

  8. Interesting art form. I think I prefer the Dutch masters!