maandag 11 juli 2011

Bicycles in canals

Many bicycles in Amsterdam are thrown in the canals, don't know why but yearly 10.000-15.000 bicycle-wrecks are dredged up from the water. Here you see the result when a bike has been in the water for some time.
There is a special boat to get the wrecks fom the water, see this video

5 opmerkingen:

  1. How odd, and I guess that it is good that the bicycle owner does not throw himself into the river also! These "drowned" bikes do make interesting photo opportunities...


  2. yes, i think that is soooooo sad. people can be so stupid!
    i had once my inner tire stolen from my bike, and de trappers, that was sooo weird, and even a little scary.

  3. I love hearing or seeing things that I've never thought about before! This is one of those moments. Now that I know, it seems like yes, of course bikes in the canals be a common thing!

  4. really cool picture.. bikes from another time

  5. And what happens to the bikes once they are dragged up?