dinsdag 12 juli 2011

Sunken boat

Posted by PicasaNot only bicycles disappear in the canals, some boats have to struggle too to keep at the surface. I read that 450 boats a year are dredged up and sometimes a car. It is a busy occupation to keep the canals clean.

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  1. oh yes, that's mine, sorry!!! :)

  2. Yes, I can understand the boats, as they actually are meant for the water, but cars?? Oh, right, I dropped it in and just forgot?

    I guess if you live in an area with an abundance of canals close to roadways, there is no telling what you might find on the bottom!


  3. biebkriebels! i think you are so sweet, and i really enjoy your comments on my blog....
    i know tim can be annoying.... ;)
    the photos are ofcourse the most important. because of the story that went with the frogpond photo, my blog ended up on a news site that has a LOT more readers than i usually do, so i got a lot of comments. and on that site there were even more!!
    it was a bit weird... :)

    about the cars; i think i once read on the news that there was some kind of "trend" with drunken people in amsterdam to push little cars into the water, i think mainly smart cars... so sad..

  4. We were in Amsterdam once when the dredging was in progress,it kept us amused for quite some time.We could hardly believe the variety of objects which found their way into the canal......and so many bikes! Thanks for the film reminder.

    Enjoy your day,

  5. Tim
    You must have been wet...
    What about criminals with stolen cars, but they have to do it at a quiet place.
    I can't remember about the little cars, but could be.. About your bike is weird, why just steel a vital thing, that is just fun of drunken people, I would be mad.
    They say on the bottom there is mud and then covered with bikes. Funny you have seen the dredging.

  6. If I were the owner of that Audi I would be worried.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  7. My goodness, another new thing to learn about! Yes, I guess boats and cars make sense too (sinking in the canals).