zaterdag 2 juli 2011

Terrace finished!

Saturday morning at eight we woke up by a noisy machine, Danny was in the garden! He had brought two pals with him and they were working very quick. I hardly had time enough to grap my camera, before it was fisnished.

It is huge and high! We can perform a play or something like that. The sand has to keep on it untill the rain has washed it in, so I cannot show you the pavement very well. But I like the light colour, it matches with the bricks of the house.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Dit was het wachten wel waard!
    Fijn weekend :)

  2. jeeejjj!!
    i hope the weather there is good so you can enjoy it!

  3. oh I like it, Bieb. I hope you do, too?
    The random pattern is nice. Once you add some plants around it, the terrace will seem like it's been there forever.

  4. Yay for Danny! He must have needed some beer money for the weekend - hah! Still, I am glad that it is finished and it looks fabulous. Show us some photos once you decorate with plants... glad your are happy with it.