vrijdag 1 juli 2011

Terrace (3)

It is becoming a never ending boring story. After poundering the sand, Danny came to the conclusion that there was not enough sand to have the pavement at the right height

New sand had to be ordered, so work stopped here again. ( %*#&?+@!!!)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. het levert in elk geval een mooie schaduwrijke foto op

  2. hm...well, there is an old saying, 'measure twice, cut once', which means be careful and deliberate before finishing the job. You'll have a better end-product and you'll be happier later on!

    Patience, grasshopper!! ;-)

  3. ooowwww....
    i hope he at least is not too expensive, or gives you a discount!
    he has done it before, right?

  4. This is just going to be one of those things so sit back and breathe and try not to watch too closely! Make sure you show us the finished product when it's done!

  5. I am loving this story though I am sorry for you and all the delays. I was wondering, do you think that he is French? (just kidding all my lovely French friends - hehehe)


  6. Thanks for all the supports, this weekend I hope this soap will come to an end.