woensdag 17 augustus 2011

Giant on the road

Driving on the highway along the airport Schiphol of Amsterdam I am always keen to spot an aeroplane just coming or leaving. There is a one place the plane crosses the highway,which is always impressive to see such a huge plane passing in front of you.  But you have to be very quick to make a photo because the road approaches a tunnel. I managed just in time to catch him, before we vanished in the tunnel. It is a bit blurry, but through the window and the speed you know....
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  1. Que linda essa foto do avião. A foto ta muito bonita.tem que ser muito rápido para fazer uma foto dessa. Parabéns.Gostei muito de conhecer seu blog e estarei ja te seguindo... Convido a conhecer meu blog e se gostares me siga também. Um beijo!


  2. A great capture, not an easy one to get. The same thing happens at Sydney Airport

  3. And I know that you were not driving, right? There is a place like this in the Atlanta airport and for about a mile the many runways make it feel like the planes are going to touch down on the road. Most of the time, I am the one looking out of the window as I fly through that airport verrrrrry often!


  4. jeeejj!!
    i also am always amazed when i see this...
    i still have to post a pic for yesterday, now you gave me an idea..!

  5. Genie,
    No I am not a driver, my husband is, so he pushed me take it, take it now an I was hanging to the right to catch one, which was very difficult to get a good picture. But I always am excited to see the planes so close.

  6. What a fantastic shot! My sister flew into this airport last year and she was a little overwhelmed.