dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

No inspiration

I am a bit out of inspiration for photo's, we didn't have an "Irene" here but we are soaking for days now. Not so nice to go out and make pictures. So this is Almere on a rainy sunday.
And me below sea-level.

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5 opmerkingen:

  1. M, you are adorable in the rain and just remember that all that "green" you enjoy is a result of these rainy days.


  2. You look like you are having fun walking around in the rain!

  3. Such fine photos for one lacking inspiration :) Looks like a great day to me; of course we're still hitting 107F degrees and it's been dry lately.

  4. nice photos!
    and they look so dutch!! :)
    i know exactly what you mean, regarding the inspiration.... ah well, one day its there again!

  5. I like how these photos turned out.
    Everyone has those days when photos looks meh. The trick is to get through those days to the other side and find something inspiring in the the everyday.

    Take it easy, Bieb!