woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Exploring the city

The introduction of new students of University Amsterdam has started this week. I think these boys are new ones, not originally from Amsterdam as they walk a little uneasy and wear a mix of formal (jackets) and informal (jeans). In a couple of weeks the jackets have gone I suppose.
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  1. Yes, they are so elegant. I hope they change of clothes but never lose elegance. Great photo, in B&W it would be nice too. Try it.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  2. How exciting for them on the threshold of life.

  3. Elegant indeed...and at such a carefree time!

  4. hihihi.
    dont they have to wear those jackets because they belong to some sort of "ballen"-koor? :D

  5. CaT,
    Yes, I think you are right, but didn't know how to explain that in english and if there is such a culture in other countries.