maandag 15 augustus 2011

Sunny Sunday

After days of awful weather sun at last. We drove to the Photo Museum in The Hague and watched a retrospective of the photographer "Emiel van Moerkerken" (1916-1995). I didn't know the man or his work, some old photo's of Amsterdam were pretty, but the manipulated ones I didn't like so much.
But the terrace was great and we had a drink and a nice Tapas, which we discovered lately and is so delicious, mmmm.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. The terrace looks wonderful and the weather is overdue to be nice for you! I saw the turtle sculpture and wondered if he was a fountain. If so, those people at the first table are going to get wet!


  2. yamyam!!
    buuh... i think i exchanged tim for bad weather... and gave the netherlands the sun in return!! since he is back its only raining here while it was so sunny before... :) ah well... je kunt niet alles hebben! veel plezier met de zon