dinsdag 13 september 2011

Bird views

Yesterday I promised you more birdviews of Amsterdam. This is the Rembrandtsquare with the statue of Rembrandt in the middle. There was a kind of artfair going on under the white decks of the stands.

The Utrechtsestreet with the old houses.

 The second tower at the right is the Westerchurch, where Anne Frank lived nearby and listened to the bells ringing which she mentioned in her diary. Blogger Janey and Co of  Thin air asked me yesterday which church it was.
The Dam Palace is in the middle with the green towertop. Left the Westerchurch and the big building in the front is the Doelen-hotel, maybe well known by visiters.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you !There are so many things to see from up there. It should have a visitors observation platform!...Janey

  2. really nice pictures!
    i can see it was a grey day.... toch?
    so different from here in boston. amsterdam is wel mooier!

  3. These views from high vantage points give the perspective of a bird flying high above the rooftops. How much more can you see from up here!


  4. I'm so glad you posted more pictures of these beautiful views. I just love those old houses!

  5. Die tweede foto lijkt wel op Madurodam ! Weer prachtig gedaan, Marianne.

    I also loved your Utrecht shots (I still have family there although we haven't been in touch for many years). And that bus station looks spectacular. I had to smile when I read you were on the dash to get the photo - my wife always gives me 'that look' when I do something like that to get a shot.

    Thank you again for sharing all these !