maandag 12 september 2011

Open Monuments Day

Once a year we have a national "Open Monuments Weekend". You can visit buildings you always wanted to see inside and are normaly not opened for public. This one called "The Bank" at Rembrandt square has been a bank building and is lately complete stripped and renovated.

You could have a look inside, but what I was excited about, you could go on the roof and have a fantastic view over Amsterdam!
And here I stood, the wheater was as usual clouds and rainy, but it this moment it was dry.

This is a view with the Zuiderkerk (Southern Church). Tomorrow I'll show you more.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. I like the view looking towards the Zuiderkerk.

  2. hum, wist niet dat jullie open monumentendag op dezelfde dag valt als de onze

  3. Yes, it was cloudy but Amtserdam is beautiful and lovely anyway. I liked the huge clock.



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  4. What a fabulous view from the roof... I like the idea of a "monuments day" and wish that we had one.


  5. That is a fantastic view! I love that clock tower too.

  6. Next weekend we will have open day here in London. Love having access to these otherwise closed doors.

  7. ow wow! that is cool to get onto the roof of that building...

  8. Beautiful view. Do you know if that is Westerkerk. The church that Anne Frank mentions hearing in her diary?

  9. Thanks for all your comments
    Janey, no this is a different church the Southern.