donderdag 1 september 2011

Look up.

Most of the old houses in Amsterdam have a hoisting beam which is used when people move in or out their home to get the furniture in and out. With  a rope and a pulley-block things can go up and down, because the stairs inside the homes are to small to get the stuff in. Then you have to pull it inside through the window.
When you ever come to Amsterdam don't forget to look up at the houses.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I can't imagine hoisting my furniture up like that! Very interesting. I like that building too.

  2. As I remember some of the older home were actually built to lean forward as to make it easier to get the furniture in the window!

  3. i used to tell tourists that those were ancient poles where they would hang people.... some actually believed that! :D

  4. Janey,
    I don't know that story, I thought the houses are sinking in the soft ground, sometimes to the left or right or forwards.
    Ha,ha,ha you are evil.

  5. How interesting. I've seen ladder like conveyor belts in Paris for the same purpose. Do these crane "things" stay there all the time?