dinsdag 4 oktober 2011


The cemetery "Zorgvlied" along the river Amstel in Amsterdam is like the "Pere Lachaise" in Paris. Many well known dutch people are laid as actors, authors and artists are laid to rest here.  Visitors are walking  around with a plan to find the special graves. We didn't  but found several of them on our own. I was surprised to find the grave of the sculptor "Hildo Krop" who I admire very much and have mentioned many times on my blog, the one who decorated the bridges in Amsterdam.

The second I found was of "Annie M.G.Schmidt". She is a famous writer of children books  every child in the Netherlands has grown up with her books. She also wrote texts for musicals and theater-songs.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks like a nice cimetary, in Belgium they look awful.

  2. wist niet dat er een Hollandse versie van Père Lachaise bestond !

  3. is it one of his own designs?

    i do not really like annie mg schmidts grave, although it is colorful. and yes, her books were amazing. i read so many books and i forgot most of them, but i still sometimes think about wiplala, or abeltje, jip & janneke. isnt that amazing?

  4. Both seem to be the perfect representation of the person buried there...I too am interested in old cemeteries. Thanks!

  5. I love old cemeteries and I think that they tell much about a place, its history and people.