maandag 14 november 2011

St. Nicolaas

Last saturday "Sinterklaas" arrived in the Netherlands and each town or village has his own "St. Nicolas" with his Black Peter's to welcome. These photo's are of last year in Almere, but that doesn't matter, each year there is an arrival with the boat, music and the Peter's doing funny things.

For children who cannot go to the arrival there is a televison broadcasting at the same time with the "official" Sinterklaas who arrives each year in another place. It sounds a bit complicated, but children are flexible, they believe each "Sinterklaas" they see is the real one.
See here for more about Sinterklaas.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. What fun for the children. It is great to see they still wear traditional costume.

  2. I wonderful glimpse into your world with Sinterklaas who I guess would be our Santa Claus.
    What fun for the children.

  3. Aha - ik dacht al dat hij een beetje vroeg was, maar toen zag ik dat je foto in 2010 gemaakt was. Maar toch weer even leuk om dit te zien. Zie ik trouwens nergens in Canada (of Florida) ! Nu krijg ik even heimwee !

  4. geen sinterklaas hier... :(
    even, we put a tiny little christmas tree up already. only when i did that, i realized that i should at least have waited until after sinterklaas. now you see what happens when living in the US!