zondag 11 december 2011

Christmas market

We had a Christmas market in Almere this weekend. It is something we didn't have for a long time in the Netherlands, Christmas was never a big issue here,  but times are changing and now we take part in the festivities of a market. These ladies were singing Christmas carols.

There was even a Father Christmas.

Suddenly we heard the whistle of a steamship sailing into the harbor. For a moment I thought "Sinterklaas" had come back to bring more presents, but it had nothing to do with the Christmas market. The ship just came along to anchor here. 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Those carolers look so pretty decked out in red and white. And I must get one of those Christmas tree hats. I think it would look stunning on me!

  2. It looks cold but still fun. Last shot is great.

  3. lol love the christmas tree hat and I miss the christmas market. We used to go to dusseldorf for that were they had nice gluhwein.
    Will come around here next year as I am having a blog break.
    Prettige kerst en een fantastisch 2012!

  4. haha, that is funny, from the ship. when i saw it i was also wondering... i hope its not to bring santa...
    i like the christmas-tree hat!