maandag 12 december 2011

Sofietje playing

Sofietje has a baton with something fluffy on a rope which makes here very excited. She is jumping as a wild animal around and attacks the couch as a real tiger when we move it up and down.

"Roadrunner" is coming along.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. hahaha, what a cute photos!
    funny how i see a book in your (full!) bookcase with "foto" on it... :)

  2. So cute! She has such an adorable little face.

  3. She is having a good time. Her markings remind me of a cat we once had. That kitty lived to be 19 in spite of her many adventures. She truly had 9 lives. (that a cat has 9 lives is a common expression here, I wonder if it is known in your country)

  4. ha, she looks so serious as she is playing!!

    her markings are so cool!!

  5. How wonderful that you have shown a sequence of photos... We can really get a sense of her personality and spunk! She is adorable and totally rules the household I can see!