woensdag 14 december 2011


In November we had the driest month in 100 years, well those days are all over now. Storm and rain bother our country every day with so now and than a little sunshine to chear us up.

So close the curtains and lighten the candles.

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  1. I tried to read the titles of your books but I couldn't. You have a cat!!!! It's near to the candles of course, it's so intelligent.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  2. Sounds like a very good idea, do like watery window images though! The reflections in the baubles makes a lovely picture.

  3. that looks heeeel gezellig!
    im glad someone else already asked it.. im also curious what you are reading.. :)

  4. Valery, CaT,
    Not curious at all are you?
    Those books are "coffee-table books" and are photobooks to turn over the pages. The brown one is the catalogue of a photo exhibition "Snapshot" I have been in the Van Goghmuseum lately. The one with ER is called "Platter & Dikker" and is very funny with photo's of fat Dutch people with tatoos and so.
    Well satisfied? I don't have to name the whole pile?
    What I am reading right now is a novel "the Help" by Kathryn Stockett which I realy like.
    Bye,bye, Marianne

  5. :D thanks!
    i once explained "koffietafelboek" to a foreigner. she found it weird... then i realized perhaps its a dutch thing?
    im curious about the fat dutch people book for sure!

    and "the help" is that about black ladies being servant for rich white americans? we saw the movie and i liked it. but it was sad too...

  6. That is a super way to deal with bad weather.

  7. CaT, Yes you're right. The movie hasn't arrived here yet. It is sad indeed, I hate discrimination in any way, but it is everywhere unfortunately.