dinsdag 13 december 2011

Christmas tree

Each year a big Christmas tree is placed at Dam-square in Amsterdam. This one is 22 metres high and comes from Germany. It has 40.986 led-lights which I haven't seen yet,  I have to come back later when it is dark. When I passed the tree just had been placed during the night, that's why the "cherry picker" is still standing there.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. That IS one big tree. I hope you will show us it lit up.

  2. wow.

    What a shame, though, I have to say. I hate that such a beautiful thing has to be cut down, for any reason.

    Hope you are well, Bieb!!

  3. so big!
    do you know what they do with the tree afterwards?

  4. I hope the wind doesn't blow hard there because of all the power lines that could get knocked down if the tree falls on them.

  5. More and more cities are placing giant Christmas trees.


  6. Kitty,
    I agree with you, so sad to cut down a tree for this reason.
    I have no idea, don't think they will burn him on New Years Eve...
    Our power lines are underground, but we have still strong winds blowing. Could knock sown some people as it is a crowded square.