woensdag 11 januari 2012

Dam Square

Some people still have holiday time and enjoy themselves at Dam square in Amsterdam. The huge Christmas tree is still present as the "living statues". I read an article that the city councel will reduce the number of these people. Some of them just put on a mask or a hat and are rather aggressive to tourists to get money.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Sounds like a good idea. There can be too many. Dam Square sounds funny in English as it sounds like damn square.

  2. Hallo. Ik zag je reactie bij Rick de Zoete. Je naam zag er niet echt Engels uit dus ik kwam even kijken.Wat een leuk blog heb je. Ik ga je volgen.
    Mijn blog is ook foto's en alles wat ik zo tegen kom op reis en thuis. Kom je ook eens kijken? Dit is de link.

  3. I agree they can be very aggressive, the number of times Aimee and I got accosted in Rome was horrible! Excellent people shot Bieb.

  4. Oh wow, I've not heard of this. I will have to watch out for it when I see it in my future travels!

  5. hahhahaha, i like the "damn square" from diane...

    i never like those living statues... i would not mind if they get rid of them (or at least some).. :D

  6. This brings back memories of my visit there and elsewhere in Amsterdam MANY years ago. I lived in a hostel along with a brother and a friend for several weeks. I remember people selling vans there - we bought one and travelled throughout Holland and Europe with it for months. Quite an adventure.

    Fijne donderdag, Marianne !

  7. Diane,
    LOL, I remember this one!
    That is quite adventures indeed, must have been a great tour.
    Ze zijn met teveel en er zitten gewoon bedelaars tussen die niets uitbeelden, maar gewoon hun hand ophouden voor een foto met een jurk uit de feestwinkel aan.