donderdag 2 februari 2012


Sofietje lives on the heating these days because it is really cold outside here now, -10C (14F) last night. But the best part is we have no snow and bright sunshine all day so it is great to have a walk with a warm coat and hat. I have no other pictures of the cold because it looks like spring outside and no ice to see yet on the rivers because of a strong wind. Of course there is a media hype going on again about the chances of a "Elfstedentocht" (Eleven cities tour) of 200 km skating which can only be done in very cold winters. But we only have had four nights with frost, so what are they talking about. 

5 opmerkingen:

  1. hihihi, yes, i dont miss that at all, all those talks about the elfstedentocht, as if there is no other news anymore.. :)
    here its not cold at all!

  2. Sofietje looks very comfy! Here in NY it's not cold, I don't mind at all :-).

  3. Ja wat is het koud he,vanmorgen even naar de markt geweest , het was niet echt leuk die kou. Sofietje heeft gelijk, de verwarming is het lekkerst .De zon staat hier volop binnen te schijnen dus de verwarming brandt niet. SCheelt weer he.

  4. What a cozy spot. It's warm here in Texas. Supposed to be 80 degrees today!