woensdag 1 februari 2012

Great Shoes

These shoes I am looking at for a long time already, I like them very much, even fitted them, but can't decide to buy them because I think I won't wear them much often. Last weekend we passed the shop when we had diner in Amsterdam as the shop had already closed. So I could dream a while at the shopwindow.

The shoes are designed by Rem D. Koolhaas, a Dutch architect but not the famous one,  he is his nephew. He is the founder of "United Nude" a shoe company and the start of it began with a broken heart. Rem's attempt to get his girl back was made by downsizing achitecture to its smallest and most vulnerable scale, that of a woman's foot, he designed the "Mobius shoe". The girl was gone but he knew that the shoe had to become real. Later he met Galahad Clark, from the famous Clark shoes family and together they founded "United Nude" They have a great webstore to watch (and buy) all the crazy shoes.

This is the Mobius shoe with which it all started.

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  1. Oh! I love the red shoes in your top pic ..... Very fashionable and elegant!

  2. Oh die rode vind ik prachtig, trouwens die gekleurde ook. Kopen joh, leuk!

  3. ik ben ook zo, te veel denken aan the utility !.. maar dan gebeurt er nooit wat !
    koolhaas is een beroemde naam, ik zie dus dat er meerdere zijn

  4. Beautiful shoes and photos, I would say: buy! :-)

  5. nice!! the first ones have quite high heels...
    i have some, but i usually dont wear them as it is too high for me (and i will be taller than tim then.. haha). one pair i like so much, i kind of displayed them in our hallway, so i see them everyday, and think, oohhh, pretty! but i almost never wear them.
    i very much like the Mobius shoe, i remember searching for it, but found it too expensive... :(

    but... you should buy the shoes if you like them!! buying nice clothes or shoes always makes me feel happy.. :)

  6. What a great story Bieb, alas he didn't win his love back with a shoe..but I bet he's won the hearts of many women with these gorgeous creations.

  7. I am a shoe addict/freak... Given the opportunity (and the funding) I would be worse than I am.

    Love these shoes!


  8. I am a man but those shoes are really lovely. I would buy a pair for my girl.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  9. Very flash Love the last one with al these great colours. I wouldn't be great on heels though

  10. Thanks for all your comments, it took away my hesitation. My husband read my post and ordered a pair at internet for me! I am waiting for the doorbell now...

  11. Prachtige schoenen (en fotoshoot).
    Ja, zo zijn meer vrouwen, ik ook, te zuinigjes, terwijl het niet nodig is.
    Maar wat goed dat je man ze heeft besteld! Maak je een foto als je ze aan hebt?
    Heel charmant, hoor.
    Goed weekend,

  12. I actually like the look of these shoes. But wouldn't buy them because the heels are too high for me. And I know this shop. Took pictures through the window as the lights changed color. Very eye catching.

  13. Go for it! You deserve the classy footwear!