donderdag 9 februari 2012

Eleven Cities Fever

Each country has its own folklore, we don't have a Super Bowl but the "Eleven Cities Tour".
A skating tour of 200 km in the northern province  Friesland done by professionals and amateurs. It can only be organized when there are very low temperatures for a long time, because so many people have to go over ice and don't want to get through it into the icecold water. That's the reason it has only been done 15 times in 100 years. When you win the tour, you are a legend by life. Well we have some pretty cold nights now so the Media started their hype about the tour this whole week "will it come or not?" and when? There was no other news on televison or in the papers than "how thick is the ice?"

The fever increased and a whole village started to sweep away the snow from the ice to get it better.
Hotels were booked, the whole press was in the north and the weatherforcasts were given each hour.
Would it be this weekend?  A "Eleven Cities Society" of wise men has to give the green light and yesterday they decided it was not going to happen, the ice was not safe enough. The whole country collapsed and the media with them. Temperatures are rising now so the ice is loosing its quality.
But maybe the frost is coming back next week, who knows?

But everybody can still skate in the Netherlands and make their own one city tour like here in Almere.

If you want to read more about the Eleven Cities Tour look here

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk dat je over de elfstedentocht vertelt! Ja, jammer dat het - voorlopig - niet doorgaat. Ik heb vroeger heel veel geschaatst, maar durf nu niet meer, te bang om te vallen, maar wie weet ga ik het toch een keer proberen...En jij, schaats jij nog?
    Groetjes, Maria

  2. hahaha, crazy dutch.
    very nice story!! i can exactly imagine how it was....
    are you skating?

  3. Ja wat jammer he ,iedereen had er zoveel zin in. Maar misschien wordt het weer kouder en gebeurt het toch nog. Het is afwachten
    Prettige avond!

  4. Het is spijtig dat het niet door gaat. Misschien de week erna als het weer kouder wordt.


  5. CaT, Maria
    No, I don't skate anymore. Last time was a few years ago, I was so afraid for falling, I felt very insecure, so I decided to put the skates of.

  6. So sorry to hear that it was cancelled...But I guess there could be another chance before winter is over...I have skates. But, I too would be afraid of falling.

  7. It is a shame that you have had all this cold weather but not enough to make it safe on the ice. Still some families are having fun skating. I would like to be a kid again in your country so that I could do that.

  8. im also afraid of falling, always! i dont think i would skate... :)
    i went to do rollerskating here, 2 times, and i was sooo insecure too. while when a kid i was going around like crazy, hahahaha.