woensdag 8 februari 2012

Winter cold

As you know we are having one of the coldest winters now. This is the window of a room we don't use so we don't heat it. With temperatures of -18 C (-0.4 F) at night it looks this way in the morning, covered with ice. During the day the ice disappears because we have lots of sun too.

The ducks and sea-gulls have got together in a hole in the ice.

I like to walk around and make pictures. I can cope with the cold, last winter I bought in sale great boots lined with fur, so no cold feet anymore.
By the way the red shoes I ordered lately are sold out!

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Brrrr....

    What a cute picture....You look like a fashion model (and a warm one at that)!

  2. very nice picture of you!
    and haha, what a cold suddenly... form one extreme to the other.
    so you couldnt buy the red shoes anymore? thats too bad.. :(

  3. Nice photos!
    Love the duckies and that photo of you is very nice, great boots by the way!

  4. Mooie winterfoto's en mooie laarzen zeg. Leuke foto van jou.

  5. Your clothing looks really warm. I would consider putting up the heating in that room, aren't you afraid for damage.


  6. bieb! i do hope you goto amsterdam in this weather. i saw a few pictures already of the frozen grachten, and people iceskating. must be so pretty. im a little sad that i cant see it... :(

  7. Brrrrrrr! It does look cold!
    I saw pictures of the frozen canals in Amsterdam yesterday with skaters on them, and of course the Elfstedentocht will run this year!

  8. CaT, NixBlog,
    I know about the skating in Amsterdam, the blog is of my husband... I didn't feel like going to Amsterdam all the way, because it was so cold that day. But Stef wanted to go anyway, so he had the pictures. Maybe I'll go tomorrow, temperatures are rising now.

  9. Lovely wintery images Bieb, love the ducks and seagulls all trying to fit into that small bit of unfrozen water. and yes I agree you look gorgeous in your winter gear, the boots are super cool!

  10. you are lucky to be able to cope with the cold. Mark complains of it all the time (and it is not nearly so cold here!).
    Love the photo of the crossroads. So pretty.

    Hope you are well, Bieb!