woensdag 29 februari 2012

Public urinal

One of the most disgusting things in Amsterdam I think, are the public urinals for men. We call them "curls" and this one is prominent situated along a canal. The smell when you pass is awfull and the look of legs below makes me turn my head the other side. Public toilets for ladies are not available in Amsterdam, you have to enter a cafe or a department store or pee in your pants when these are not in the neigbourhood.
Dutch (female) people are always surprised to see how great big cities abroad these things have organized and wander why the city counsels here ignore such a normal need.
Two clever business men have started recently a commercial toiletbusiness "2theloo" with clean toilets  in the busy shoppingstreet "Kalverstreet" and it is so succesfull, they are expanding to 12 other places. So ladies, you are warned when you visit a city here, don't drink too much.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh schitterend die krul en inderdaad wat een rot lucht als je in de buurt bent. Dus nou beginnen ze iets voor ons dames, gelukkig maar.
    Fijne dag nog!

  2. That is awful. Talk about discrimination .

  3. ew, that is a terrible eyesore.
    I am surprised, too. Amsterdam is such a pretty city. All the public toilets in Paris, say, are not so terrible looking!

  4. I think those toilets are disgusting and I would like to see the very decent public toilets that they have in Paris. Talk about hygienic! I do dislike the smell of stale urine.

  5. I remember something similar in Lisbon a looooong time ago! You have just waken up some cells in my brain that were asleep since my childhood! :-)

  6. you are entirely right! dont drink too much.
    i was soo surprised first time i came to the us and that you could go to a toilet anywhere. for FREE! and not even a disgusting toilet, but usually quite decent...
    something i defenitely dont miss from the netherlands.. :)

  7. Oh I'll definitely remember that Bieb. That's pretty amazing, we just take it for granted here.