dinsdag 28 februari 2012

Taphophile Tragics # 10

I am browsing my old photos for cemeteries and found this one in "Bourton-on-the-Water" in Great Britain which I visited in 2010. I only remember it was an old village in the Cotswolds where the houses were built with special "Cotswold stone".

We wandered around a bit and found this "St. Lawrence's Parish Church" with a cemetery.  The history of the stone church goes back to 1110 and has changed many times in the following years.
The graves look pretty old to me too, but I am afraid I can't tell you more about it.

This is my tribute to Tapholphile Tragics

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  1. Lovely pictures. Looks like a nice place to visit.

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  2. The gravestones look very old and worn. Was it possible to read anything on them? I would have a wonderful time there. I love old graveyards.

  3. The grave stones look extremely old and interesting. It is nice to see that the grave yard is kept neat and tidy.The church is beautiful.

  4. Mooi die oude Engelse kerken met hun begraafplaatsjes erbij. IK zat te denken ik heb helemaal geen begraafplaatsen in mijn archief maar ik bedenk me ineens dat ik er toch wel een paar heb. MIsschien ga ik ook wel meedoen. Ik vind die thema's allemaal zo leuk, je hebt altijd wel wat te laten zien . IK ben niet zo goed van het vertellen dus dat komt goed uit.
    Fijne dag nog!

  5. ik vind de manier waarop de grafstenen rondgespreid liggen wel bijzonder

  6. This really looks like Great Britain. Wonderful shots!

  7. Gorgeous old English church Bieb, that quite some history 1110, would like to see how it looked then.

  8. the pictures remind me the alexander pushkin who wrote...

    What means my name to you?.. 'Twill die
    As does the melancholy murmur
    Of distant waves or, of a summer,
    The forest's hushed nocturnal sigh.

    Found on a fading album page,
    Dim will it seem and enigmatic,
    Like words traced on a tomb, a relic
    Of some long dead and vanished age.

  9. Beautiful church and those gravestones do look very old.

  10. from 1110! living in the us makes me almost an american, haha. thats really amazing... so old... haha, its funny how americans are always jealous of that..

  11. The details on the portico of the church are just terrific, Marianne. I no longer think it matters whether we can read the writing on headstones. We KNOW someone rests beneath it, and we pay them homage with our attention. I like here the closeness of the buildings and they way they seem to be enclosing and protecting the people in their eternal rest.

    Thank you for your post this week. SC took us up to Scotland and now you have taken us to the Midlands. How wonderful to travel the world like this.

  12. very nice!
    I wish they didn't use asphalt on the ground, it looks so terrible and modern.
    A nice tribute, Bieb!

  13. Another good find for you! That church is really beautiful.

  14. that stone must be very strong to survive so well after all that time...LOVELY..