dinsdag 21 februari 2012

Taphophil Tragics # 9

This is another grave at the cemetery Zorgvlied in Amsterdam where many dutch famous people are buried. Here lies "Ton van Duinhoven" (1921-2010). He was a dutch journalist, actor and copywriter, but he is best remembered as a comic in a satirical television program "Hadimassa" and his commercial spots for a biscuit firm "Jamin". He was married to the actress "Ina van Faasen" who died in 2011 and is buried in  the same grave. Her name is on the little sign, but I think it still has be carved out in the stone.
This is my tribute to Taphophile Tragics

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  1. Great post and picture. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Cassata!
    Ik vond zijn stem altijd zo leuk :)

  3. nice. here you dont see such "grave beds" usually just a stone. what a simple grave. they should really carve her there too, the little sign looks more for a botanical garden (the purple put should go too.. haha).

    blogger has changed, and i cannot zoom into pictures as much as i like anymore!! im curious about the little stone on the right...

  4. His stone (and the bed) look so modern and streamlined in comparison to the ones around him.
    ...and my word but he does talk fast - I kept trying to pick out words and it was very difficult!

  5. It is always a emotional moment seeing a grave of someone you know.


  6. It seems many of the famous people we have grown to know through film and tv are passing....and we are aging right along with them!!

  7. Nice shot. And I'm intrigued by the little flat headstone on the right side of your photo.

  8. CaT, Kathy,
    The stone on the right I hadn't even noticed, but it is of "Nico Gudde", he is not a wellknown person I think. The only thing I could find about him was a genealogical register and that was private. But he had a very artistic stone indeed. Much better than the one of "Ton". I agree with CaT, it is a bit miserable grave. I read an article lately that they had no children, so all the settlements had to be done by friends of them. Their money they had given away to charity after their death, so maybe there is not much left to decorate the grave.

  9. It is so interesting wandering around cemeteries and seeing the wonderful tombstones

  10. I liked hearing him speak in Dutch. It is not a language I hear very much at all In Australia. He seemed to have a nice open manner.

    The grave of the two of them even LOOKS like it was designed by a committee. No unifying style whatsoever, And yes, the purple pot, looks out of place. Sad really. They would have been better off being cremated and scattered.

    But then there would be nothing for we taphophiles to fuss over.

    Thank you for clearing up the issues about Nico's headstone. The carving on it is very attractive.

    Hah! So you and SC eh? I will take especial care now. *grin*

  11. There should have been something funny written on the headstone.

  12. Wonderful entry! Hope you get better pretty soon.