dinsdag 7 februari 2012

Taphophile Tragics # 7

This is our local cemetery in Almere Haven. It dates from 1974 when this village was built. It is situated right behind the dyke and divided in circles with hedges around. I pass here many times on a walk to the dyke, but never enter the circles, I think it is to private and to new, I feel a bit as an intruder. I liked this one of an apparently cat-lover.

Some circles are only for childrens graves, which is very touching. I was shocked by the amount of them.

An overview of the cemetery from the dyke. The hedges are brown now because of the winter, but in summer they are green.

This is my tribute to Taphophile Tragics

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  1. I tend to gravitate towards the older cemeteries, especially with my camera.

  2. I like comparing old and new cemeteries! Both generate a certain style that is intriguing! In my wanderings around just my peninsula world, I have quickly learnt that not one cemetery is like another! They each have special, interesting characteristics! I am intrigued by your "circles". I am wondering if they are actual circles! Interesting post!

  3. It is interesting to see a new cemetery and it is sad to se so many children's graves.

  4. Such beautiful headstones. Looks like a very peaceful place.

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  5. Wat een mooie begraafplaats. Ja het verrast mij ook dat er zo veel kindergrafjes zijn.

  6. those hedges forming a circle around each section is a nice idea.

  7. Indeed, we don't think abotbthat but many people die very young.


  8. you cannot see anything, on the last pic, because of the hedges, funny!
    i also prefer older cemeteries...
    but it looks well kept. i do think they are different in design from american ones.

  9. I do not worry about whether a cemetery is too new and the people too recently dead. Most times there is noone around near me, and I photograph whatever is of interest. If there is a mourner at a graveside I walk elsewhere, of course.

    Many of the cemeteries in Sydney that I wander through haVE both old and new areas. I guess Sydney is a very spread out city and we have more land than you have in Holland.

    I can see the encircling hedges in your final photo from the dyke. I like this in preference to a brick fence. softer somehow.

    I have many images of children's graves. It always comes as a bit of a heart-starter. Some of them are incredibly open with their grief.

    Thank you for your post this week. I realise the weather is dreadful for you this week. Don't go out unless you absolutely have to.

  10. Amazing what people put on graves, right? :-)

  11. Quite a variety of headstones and grave types in this new cemetery. People feel very strongly about their dear departed and will go to extremes to show that.