woensdag 4 april 2012


One of the biggest daymarkets in Amsterdam is the "Albert Cuyp market". You can look for everything from vegetables untill clothes and everything between. Behind the market stalls are little specialized shops with all kind of stuff. We have lived here nearby in the neighbourhood for seven years and on my way to work I passed the market daily. I still enjoy a walk so now and then over the "Cuyp" as Amsterdam people say.

You can buy many flowers for a reasonable price.

I love to stroll around in the antique shops.

Mostly it is very crowded here, but sometimes you wonder where is everybody?

6 opmerkingen:

  1. how fun?! I would go there just about every day.
    Poor little dog. I hope he found his person!

  2. I like the sign in the second photo "Everything that makes a woman happy". Everything? Is the market THAT big?

  3. oooh, those flowers those flowers! how i miss that!!

  4. Sindbad,
    I didn't even noticed the sign! You are a good observer. Yes, the market is that big...

  5. I remember this markt well from when I lived in A'dam. Since we had very little money (and were only 20 y/o) we loved to wander through here and pick up all kinds of bargains.